Switch Control RTU

The RTU_MS100 control is a micro-processor-based automatic switch control which includes the automatic sectionalizing functionality, and can interface with the automatic switch such as pole mounted load break switch or sectionalizer installed on low and medium voltage overhead distribution networks. The RTU_MS100 control is connected to the automatic switch to measure the voltage and current in the distribution line using the voltage and current sensor built in the switch to detect faults on the distribution network. The RTU_MS100 control perfectly interacts with the substation's circuit breaker (Reclosing Relay), or a recloser on the distribution networks to perform highly reliable fault detection. The RTU_MS100 control is an integrated device that measures the voltage and current of the distribution line and generates various information based on these measured values, and performs functionalities such as fault detection, auto-sectionalizing, communication, status monitoring and control of the automatic Switch, etc. The RTU_MS100 control provides space and brackets for installation of modem within the enclosure.